Inspired by a prominent Boston-based apartment building owner, he boarded a mission to lessen the financial woes of construction company owners and their hardworking crews. He felt their emotional exhaustion, understood their burdens, and dedicated himself to finding solutions. His efforts resulted in the construction of apartment buildings, feeding families, and enriching his clients.

Gilbert Frank’s journey began with his knack for understanding people’s motivations, a skill he honed over the years. This empathetic ability allowed him to elicit strong emotional responses from others, which he later leveraged in a successful realty and finance sales career. Guided by a Boston-based apartment building owner, he identified the emotional struggles of construction company owners and sought ways to alleviate their burdens. He found resources to build apartment buildings, enriched his clients, and supported numerous construction workers’ families.

With four decades of experience mentoring and training individuals to discover and utilize their talents, he has helped several become millionaires. He now invites others to get on a similar journey, urging them to uncover their true purpose, enhance their financial acumen, and wisely steward their assets. Gilbert’s message is one of empowerment, emphasizing the potential within each person to find their vein of gold and succeed in this dynamic world.


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